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    Hi Nick,

     You invited me to leave you a private message. There's not much more to say except that today is not a good day for me in the T department. The noise I thought was history has invaded my life again, and I never thought that would happen. Now I'm thinking about going to see yet another ENT and maybe even getting another MRI, but I know the results will be the same as they were 15 years ago. Plus, I'm about to move, so any medical tests will have to wait until my journey is over.

    My T is different from most people who post on the board. I do have a constant high-pitched hissing, but I habituated to that many years ago. The low-pitched hum is quite a different story: It's a throbbing, buzzing, and painful noise that feels like something is pressing against my inner ear. I have no hearing loss, and I never get headaches, so I know it's not a tumor of any kind. The mystery is why it went away for nearly 8 years only to return last month. I always thought it was a side effect of depression from which I've suffered most of my life. Even though I'm on 15mg of Lexapro, I feel like I'm not on anything.

    Anyway, I appreciate your postings, and I hope you're doing well.